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2021 Winners

2021 California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest Winners

Great blue heron with wings outstretched, standing with one leg up in eelgrass, at the beach1st Prize: “Great Blue Heron in Surfgrass” by Susan Cook, Sands Beach, Santa Barbara, CA

Sunset on the beach. Pink clouds in the sky, with orange in the background and whispy gray clouds in the foreground.2nd Prize: “Moss Landing Sunrise”, by Mark Bickerstaff

3rd Prize: Bull Whip Kelp #8, by Michael Shea, Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino County

Viewers Choice Winner: “Low Tide” by Dianne Gowder, Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro

Honorable Mention: “Pinnacle Gulch Beach On A Birdy Day” by Paula Park

Honorable Mention: “Humpback Whale’s Tail at Avila Bay, CA” by Ronnie Goyette

Honorable Mention: “The Eyes Have It!” by Mary Rose, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

Honorable Mention: “On The Move (Egret)” by Leslie Abbott, Cowell’s Beach, Santa Cruz

Honorable Mention: “Slide” by Joe Kearns, Santa Barbara

Humpback whale with barnacles on its back, breaching out of the ocean, with foam.Honorable Mention: “Breeching Humpback Whale” by Ronnie Goyette, Avila Bay

Honorable Mention: “Least terns are showing their love” by Vincent Nguyen, Huntington Beach

Black and white picture, taken from above, of two people walking towards each other at the beach. Their shadows are visible in the sand.Honorable Mention: “Shadows” by John Rice, Ocean Beach, San Francisco

School bus crossing a bridge along the coast, with a person walking on the bridge. Sunlight is visible from the right.Honorable Mention: “Back to Light” by Fabio Piacenza, Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur, Monterey County

Underwater black and white picture of a dolphin near the surface of the water.Honorable Mention: “Dolphin Dreaming” by Ben Steele, Newport

Honorable Mention: “Liquid Gold” by Susan Perez, Scripps Beach

Hundreds of monarch butterflies resting on a cypress treeHonorable Mention: “Resting Monarchs” by Brian Weis, Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz

An ocean wave falling over the viewer of the picture.Honorable Mention: “Crystal Cove Curl” by Ryan Chadwick, Crystal Cove State Beach